Yanira Salehi
Credentialing Analyst

Catarina Marron
Credentialing Technician

California Commission on Teacher Credentialing

Renew Your Credential On-Line

Credentials renewed online are processed faster than applications submitted by mail. Most Clear, Professional Clear, and Emergency 30-Day Substitute Permits may be renewed online. The average processing time for online renewals is 10 days. We are asking everyone who meets the online renewal criteria to apply online. When you renew, you will be given a renewal confirmation page. Print it out and send me a copy.

To renew go to:
Click on "Renew Your Credential"
Click on "Renew Your Credential Online"

Notice has just been received from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing Department effective January 1, 2007 all clear, professional and professional clear credential holders must renew their credentials online.
The online renewal process requires access to the internet and payment by VISA or MasterCard. The online renewal web page is located at .

The online renewal process is one of the current efficiencies the Commission has developed to help expedite the processing of credential documents. The Commission’s automated procedure can usually complete the credential renewal process within ten business days. However, it is still recommended that renew al s are done at least six months before the expiration date.

Individuals who do not have a computer may take advantage of computers available at their district offices or local libraries. The Commission web servers are protected by firewall and intrusion detection systems. Individuals who do not have a VISA or MasterCard can purchase a VISA or MasterCard gift card from banks, grocery stores and most retailers


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