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The diversity of La Quinta High School 's Activities Department reflects the diversity among our student population.

The Activities Department strives to uphold the school's mission to educate the whole person by offering a variety of co-curricular activities. These activities provide students the opportunity to grow emotionally and socially as they interact with their peers in various settings.

Students are encouraged from orientation in the summer before their freshman year to their last semester as seniors to get involved in La Quinta’s rich co-curricular life and make the most of their high school career. Our activities program is over 13 years strong and continues to evolve annually to meet the changing needs of the community.

Activities Assistant Principal
Bob Hicks

ASB Advisor
Tom Jenkins

ASB Accountant
Rosanna Ferraro




























Over ninety percent of La Quinta High School graduates pursue higher education. Over fifty-five percent of each graduation class enrolls directly in four year colleges and approximately thirty-five percent in Community Colleges.

A rigorous program is offered to qualified students through honors and advanced placement courses in the following subject area: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. More than two hundred students participate in the Advanced Placement Program and may qualify for college credit through examination in May each year. The goal of the academic program at La Quinta High School is to prepare students to meet the challenges of their future endeavors.


We have selected professional educators who have made reputations for themselves as being dedicated to helping students realize their full academic and personal potential. A student’s positive self-esteem is the first step toward a successful school experience. We want to provide an environment where a student can bond with the school and staff. We offer many academic pathways to success for our students, including IB, AVID, Health and Public Service Academies, an Education Pathway, and a Culinary Arts Institute.

Our counselors are prepared to help students in a variety of ways and are a positive resource for both students and parents. We have an IB Coordinator, an MYP Coordinator, and an AVID Coordinator who also work closely with the students and families who are involved in those programs. The administration is always ready to sit down with students and parents to discuss concerns, and open communication between home and the school in encouraged. To see what programs each administrator is responsible for and how to contact them please visit the

I invite you to become involved in the school either through student activities or our parent advisory committees. I hope that you will work hard with us and enjoy the benefits of a “cutting edge” comprehensive high school program.

Donna Salazar