One of the newest and most progressive high schools in the Coachella Valley, La Quinta High School opened its doors to freshmen and sophomores in the Fall of 1994. The 1995/96 school year brought with it the addition of a junior class with seniors joining the campus the following year.

Thirteen years later, in 2007, there are just under 3000 students at La Quinta High School and we just keep growing. More students join our ranks along with an influx of highly qualified faculty and administration. Recognized since 1999 as a California Distinguished School and the only International Baccalaureate high school in the valley, our school is renowned for its academic programs and ever-changing curriculum. It is the goal of our Principal and the administrative team to provide our students with the most up-to-date academic programs, incorporating the most modern technology and teaching methods. La Quinta High School Blackhawks soar in academics, athletics, and preparation for the future.




It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to La Quinta High School, home of the Blackhawks, the Coachella Valley’s first
high school to be twice named a “California Distinguished School” and to garner the first-ever state award for Exemplary Career and Technical Education, in 2005. We are an exciting and innovative high school that integrates new technology
and the latest trends in teaching and methodology within a magnificent facility. We are one of only sixty-six high schools in California to offer the International Baccalaureate Program which is considered by many to be the most rigorous academic course of study in the world. Additionally, we have been selected as one of the top 75 most promising schools in America to participate in the International Center for Leadership in Education’s five-year Successful Practices Network; this is an initiative to incorporate the latest research-based instructional practices into our school to bring increased academic rigor and relevance to our students, as well as to forge the strongest possible relationships between our staff and our students.

We have selected professional educators who have made reputations for themselves as being dedicated to helping students realize their full academic and personal potential. A student’s positive self-esteem is the first step toward a successful school experience. We want to provide an environment where a student can bond with the school and staff. We offer many academic pathways to success for our students, including IB, AVID, Health and Public Service Academies, an Education Pathway, and a Culinary Arts Institute.

Our counselors are prepared to help students in a variety of ways and are a positive resource for both students and parents. We have an IB Coordinator, an MYP Coordinator, and an AVID Coordinator who also work closely with the students and families who are involved in those programs. The administration is always ready to sit down with students and parents to discuss concerns, and open communication between home and the school in encouraged. To see what programs each administrator is responsible for and how to contact them please visit the administration page.

I invite you to become involved in the school either through student activities or our parent advisory committees. I hope that you will work hard with us and enjoy the benefits of a “cutting edge” comprehensive high school program.

-Donna Salazar

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Exemplary Career Technical Education Award - 2005
California School Recognition Program honorees for exemplary Career Technical Education
programs. La Quinta HS received this award in 2005 for its Health Academy, Public Service, Culinary Arts, and Technology programs.


California Distinguished School
The California Distinguished School Recognition Program, created in 1985 as part of the accountability initiative, highlights and reinforces the educational priorities of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction and the State Board of Education. It rewards schools that are successfully implementing those priorities, and identifies models of achievement for other schools.


International Baccalaureate
Through comprehensive and balanced curricula coupled with challenging assessments, the International Baccalaureate Organization aims to assist schools in their endeavours to develop the individual talents of young people and teach them to relate the experience of the classroom to the realities of the world outside.


Successful Practices Network
The Successful Practices Network is an alliance of more than 400 schools (K-12) that have made a true commitment to continuous school improvement. These members, selected by the International Center for Leadership in Education, understand the benefits of being able to access a broad pool of expertise and best practices from talented, likeminded educators interested in meeting the challenges of helping every child succeed.